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Memphis SVP of Ops, Connie Long, Talks Shop on Tech Podcast

IOT, Customer Service, Customer Experience

Connie Long talks service repair and logistics, customer care, and technology, and how iQor intertwines all three to bring devices to market and keep them there longer
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Customer Service Week 2018: Celebrating iQorians Everywhere

iQorian Values, Customer Service, Events

Celebrations around the world to thank our iQorians for their dedication to our customers.
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3 Trends in the Connected Health Care Customer Experience

IOT, Customer Experience, Customer Service

Tap into connected health care’s newest trends and what you can do to keep customer satisfaction alive.
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Qeymetrics Performance Dashboard

Operational Analytics, Customer Service, HR

Show Me (All) the Money: Why Agents Need Real-Time Access to Pay and Performance
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The Essential New Customer Service Model for Connected Devices

IOT, Customer Experience, Product Support, Product Repair, Customer Service

A fully connected environment—smart homes, smart offices, smart cars—has transitioned from yesterday’s futuristic fantasy into today’s very real Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. 
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7 Ways to Morph Managers Into Trailblazing Leaders

Customer Experience, Customer Service

Hint: break some rules to create leaders that inspire leaders
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Agents Need Virtual Assistants Too

Customer Experience, Product Support, Customer Service

How to Use Bots Inside Your Contact Center to Decrease Handle Times and Improve Performance  
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How to Build a Gamification Platform Your Team Will Use

Customer Experience, Customer Service, Product Support

How iQor Lifted Agent Engagement and Lowered Handle Time by Mixing Work with Play
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Do Consumer Smart Home Security Fears Outweigh the Potential of the Connected Home Reality

IOT, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Product Support, Operational Analytics

The smart home has transformed from a futuristic vision into a reality. 
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Will Consumer Frustration with Connected Devices Torpedo the Smart Home Dream?

IOT, Customer Experience, Product Repair, Operational Analytics, Product Support, Customer Service

The smart home is creating frustrated consumers. More than 1 in 3 US adults experience issues setting up or operating a connected device. 
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