Customer Service Week 2019 at iQor


iQorians and other support specialists around the world celebrated the magic of customer service during Customer Service Week 2019! 


Customer Service Week 2019 celebrated "The Magic of Customer Service" and raised awareness to the importance of customer service interactions. The week also serves to thank other departments for their support and remind our customers of our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Big thank you to everyone who helped organize events and to our amazing customer support iQorians who always make magical interactions! We are proud to share pictures from just a few of the fun events from around the world of iQor.  See more pictures on the iQor Global Facebook page!


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chihuahua csw 2019 2
bethlehem csw 2019

meridian csw 2019 3

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davao csw 2019

tempe csw 2019

st pete csw 2019