The Essential New Customer Service Model for Connected Devices


A fully connected environment—smart homes, smart offices, smart cars—has transitioned from yesterday’s futuristic fantasy into today’s very real Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. 


It’s no longer a question of whether a person owns a networked device; it’s a question of how many. In 2017, there were five networked devices per person in North America. By 2021 there will be 13The upward trend shows no sign of slowing down. As the number of devices grows, so does their diversity, bringing more manufacturers and suppliers into the mix. All this drastically ramps up the complexity of the connected ecosystem.


Internet of Things in the Technology World

Tech giants are stepping in to help guide consumers through the increasingly tangled web. For example, Dell EMC announced plans to create a dedicated IoT division, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology that will work alongside existing IoT infrastructures. 


This kind of investment is crucial for continued development of the IoT industry and reduced complexities on a large scale. But as every household becomes its own unique IoT ecosystem, it’s just as crucial for consumers to have smaller scale, down-to-earth help when they need it. No longer do their devices simply have to work individually. Now diverse devices have to work together too. 


Integrated Support for Connected Home Devices

Where can consumers turn when a smart security system, Amazon Echo, Nest thermostat, tablet and connected refrigerator all malfunction at once? The successful operation of a connected home will depend on centralized delivery of customer care and product support—a new service model that is as connected as the IoT ecosystem. 


As consumers’ unique IoT ecosystems grow in complexity and devices become more technical, they will need holistic, integrated service at every point along the customer journey, from ordering through technical support. A support team that is knowledgeable about a household’s connected system as well as the component devices will ease customers’ stress.  


Helping Consumers Navigate the Journey

The promise of smart devices is to make people’s lives easier. If issues persist, users will drop the device—and perhaps the entire brand—without qualms. The customer experience will be central to driving continued adoption of smart devices and ensuring all gadgets function as advertised in the connected ecosystem. Essentially, to keeping the promise.


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