Memphis SVP of Ops, Connie Long, Talks Shop on Tech Podcast


Connie Long talks service repair and logistics, customer care, and technology, and how iQor intertwines all three to bring devices to market and keep them there longer

Adapted from article originally appearing on Technology Blog Writer.


Connie Long was invited onto the Tech Blog Writer's Podcast, a daily tech podcast where the host, Neil Hughes interviews with tech leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Connie joined Neil to talk more about her career journey and discuss iQor's award-winning technology, logistics, and analytics platforms. From our smart home simulation lab, to our in house state-of-the-art failure analysis lab, Connie dives into what iQor is doing to stay ahead of challenges occurring with connected home, mobile, and health devices for some of the world’s leading brands.


Tune in to hear about how:

  • iQor provides vital data on service repair, logistics, and customer interaction experiences upstream to clients and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to improve end-to-end support;
  • iQor collaborates with clients in designing products for serviceability for the long haul;
  • iQor uses automation to free up creativity for tackling challenges, improving efficiencies, and creating opportunities; and
  • iQor is using data analytics to help us transform our sustainability practices.

Connie is the senior vice president of operations at iQor. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Connie leads the strategic planning and business operations, including innovation and data transformation initiatives, for iQor’s hubs in North America.


Listen to her on the Technology Blog Writer’s podcast here.