iQor's Best of the Best Competition


iQor Innovation at its Best.


iQor’s Best of the Best competition is our annual continuous improvement challenge to recognize, support, and promote process advancements that are created by our iQorians across the globe. From HR, project management, and marketing, to call center and product support operations, our employees are demonstrating accomplishments every day that help us better care for our communities, collaborate with our clients, and enhance our company culture.

Now in our third year, Best of the Best has brought to the forefront hundreds of innovative tools, technology, and processes happening all over the world. For instance, last year our team in Bydgoszcz, Poland created the iQorian Hero app to promote our iQorian Values. The app is a run and jump game where you answer questions and collect points to become the ultimate iQorian Hero.

iQor Best of the Best Competition 2017

The competition is broken down into three broad categories:

• Human Development & Social/Environmental Responsibility (HD & SE) – Engaging and developing employees, enhancing work experience, improving satisfaction as well as environmental or socially responsibly initiatives.
• Customer Satisfaction – Strategies for improving customer satisfaction.
• Operational Excellence – Process or system improvements that benefit any function or department.

2018 Best of the Best Winners

Congratulations to the following iQorian teams for their efforts, determination, and creativity in the 2018 Best of the Best Competition!

Customer Satisfaction Category

1st Place
• Location: Szombathely, Hungary
• Project Name and Leader: Innovative PCBA Cleaning, Akos Komondi
• Team Members: Istvan Horvath, Kornel Deli, Varga Zoard
2nd Place
• Location: Reynosa, Mexico
• Project Name and Leader: Surface Test Validation QNAP Server, John Bojanski
• Team Members: Carlos G Garcia, Luis Munoz, Mark Stout, Ivan Mata, Ivette Rivera, Brenda Garcia, Gary Corkhill, Damian Lawlot, George Nursey, Josafat Mata
3rd Place
• Location: Suzhou, China
• Project Name and Leader: Make Impossible Possible, Sam Dai
• Team Members: Sam Dai, Haisheng Liu, Huijun Li, Sharon Chen, Mingxing Gu, Allen Yang, Sky Dai

Szombathely BOTB winners 2018

reynosa botb 2018

Human Development & Social/Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

1st Place
• Location: Miramar, Florida
• Project Name and Leader: Gamification, Ada Smith
• Team Members: Mario Castillo, Teresita Nowak
2nd Place
• Location: Szombathely, Hungary
• Project Name and Leader: Talent Acquisition and Mentor Program, Gergo Tibold
• Team Members: Elvira Joo, Kornel Deli, Janos Hegyi, Istvan Horvath
3rd Place
• Location: Penang, Malaysia
• Project Name and Leader: Dynamic Training - Improving Productivities, Tan Saw Eam
• Team Members: Wong Gim Hock, Janet Lim Bee Hua

Penang BOTB winners 2018-1

Operational Excellence

1st Place
• Location: Gurugram, India
• Project Name and Leaders: Qollection Process Implementation, Suraj Shahani and Om Chawla
• Team Members: Puneet Sahni, Sahil Rastogi, Mayank Bhatnagar, Rohit Bhatt, Chayanika Rawat, Niraj Singh, Vishal Arora, Bhawna Singh
2nd Place
• Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
• Project Name and Leader: Applying Market Methodology to eRecruiting, Robert Burke
• Team Members: Robert Constantine, Cheryl Walsh
3rd Place
• Location: Szombathely, Hungary
• Project Name and Leader: e-Red Tag Implementation, Dániel Fülöp
• Team Members: Alexandra Alföldi, János Lődi, János Hegyi, Kornél Deli, Diána Pétermann

Suzhou BOTB