Our 10 Very Favorite Customer Service & Support Blogs


Top Picks from iQor's CX Gurus


There’s no shortage of blogs, newsletters, websites, and Twitter accounts to follow to get up to speed on the latest and greatest customer service trends and best practices. Just keeping up can be exhausting.  We surveyed some of our very own customer service thought leaders to learn whose content they devour on a regular basis.  Below is our short list, the Top 10 sites we think you should visit regularly to keep learning, improving, and innovating.   



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iQor's Top 10 CX Blogs




Bill Quiseng

Filled with guest posts from other customer experience thought leaders, Bill Quiseng’s blog gives readers a refreshing number of different viewpoints.  If you are new to customer service and want to learn who’s who in the field, Bill’s blog is an exceptional place to begin. 




Customer Bliss

Jeanne Bliss’ Five Competency Framework has become an influential viewpoint in which to formulate service strategies.  Jeanne’s blog focuses on topics relevant to any Chief Customer Officer, including our favorite, “Customer Listening Paths.” The Bliss blog also provides links to insightful podcasts from leading brands like General Motors, Anthem, and AirBNB.  



DMG Consulting

While not a blog, DMG Consulting releases a must-read monthly newsletter on the newest trends and popular topics related to contact centers.  DMG was founded by Donna Fluss, a former VP and Research Director with Gartner’s CRM practice, who remains and a key voice in our industry.



Forrester’s Blog for Customer Experience Professionals

Written by analysts, Forrester’s blog for customer experience professionals gives actionable direction for those responsible for delivering exceptional  customer experience. The posts, of course, use proprietary Forrester research to back their findings and advice.  Authors often recommend ways to use their data to gain executive buy-in for CX initiatives.  The authors of the posts each have a special area of customer service (service design, journey mapping, etc.) they cover, creating detailed posts with realistic advice. 



Heart of the Customer CX Blog

Using personal anecdotes along with reviews of other works related to customer service, Heart of the Customer is a blog that thoroughly covers the various aspects of customer service, especially related to customer journey mapping.



Help Scout 

From articles on personal productivity to better company performance, Help Scout covers a wide range of topics to not only make you a better employee, but to make your company better as well. Help Scout has an easy to use website, as it lets you sort the different categories of the posts, including culture, support and product.  




Sorted by topic content, the resources section of the International Customer Management Institute’s (ICMI) website (for our purposes, we’re calling it a blog)  covers different  thought leadership topics and focuses on contact center excellence. ,We like their focus on metrics and they different ways they look at the customer journey. ICMI’s posts are written by multiple authors, giving each article a different perspective.



Fonolo Customer Service Blog

Focused on improving customer service and customer experience, Fonolo’s helpful and humorous blog shares tactical tips to improve service.. Mixed in with  posts are informative infographics, funny photos, videos and webinars, creating a never-boring blog filled with great customer experience tips. 




Nanorep Customer Experience Blog

If you are a champion of customer centricity, add Nanorep’s to your morning coffee reading list.  The blogis chockful of useful articles on customer journey mapping, tips from customer experience experts and advice  on using data to improve the customer experience. We like their focus on creating strategies for companies based on their customer experience goals, especially related to the digital experience. 



Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog

Shep Hyken is a legendary speaker and a best and a bestselling author on customer service. His  customer service blog not only has terrific original content but links to his Amazing Business Radio show and guest blog posts. We also recommend you check out Shep’s Customer Service YouTube Channel.  



Take Their Breath Away

Chip Bell and John R. Patterson co-wrote Take Their Breath Away, using both of their executive leadership background in the customer loyalty and experience field. With posts like, Innovative Service: Can Your Customers Have It There Way?, the blog contain statistics and anecdotes that you can use as ammunition for implementing customer loyalty and customer experience programs to improve your company’s customer service and experience journey. 


Disclaimer: It’s important to note that sharing our favorite blogs should not be construed as an endorsement of any of the products or services offered by these authors. We just like their content.